18 января 2008 г.

Other People's Pictures in Missouri

The second Thursday in a row I went to the Missouri History Museum, this time to watch a screening of Other People's Pictures, a documentary about those who collect interesting photos of unknown people. They buy them and give them a new life.

There were only two guests at the follow-up discussion. John Foster has a website Accidental Mysteries, devoted to his and his wife's hobby. As for Bill Keaggy, he does not only stores hundreds of shots, but also collects ... grocery lists. He was the guest on The Morning News, and they told a lot about his passion. You can send him one, if you would like to enrich his online collection.

11 января 2008 г.

Banished in Missori

Today I attended first of this year's Community Cinema screenings of upcoming Independent Lens episodes on PBS, held in the Missouri History Museum. The special exhibition and reception before Banished was followed by the panel discussion about treating African American at present. The whole hall was full with people (the majority of black origin), and the other one was opened to participate through the camera broadcast during the discussion.

I also took with me some goodies from the showing: the copy of a local paper published 100 years ago and telling about turning African Americans away from many counties, that still have almost entire white population. You can download reparation dollars from the film's website or other staff for raising interest on its Independent Lens page.